Eco-Tours: Responsible Tourism At Its Best

Jordan Select Tours advocates responsible tourism practices. We pride ourselves on our ecological awareness and our company’s own conservation efforts. We believe that our resources are precious and must be safeguarded for future generations. Our attitude in this regard is furthered by our strong links with The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN).

We produce itineraries that incorporate elements of ecotourism, and we have been pioneers in this field since our establishment in 1994. Jordan, like many countries in the region, faces many challenges when it comes to its environment, and we believe that tourism can be a great motivator to safeguard the natural resources of our country, especially when responsible tourism is being practised-one which benefits the local inhabitants of the area, and encourages them to maintain and safeguard the integrity of their natural system.

Jordan Select Tours features tours and activities that incorporate hiking, camping and the famous Dana to Petra hike, which is rated as one of the best hikes in the world. Moreover, we can include hiking sections from the Jordan Trail, which allow visitors to walk through the Jordanian countryside and interact with the locals.

Moreover, all of our itineraries, be it regular tours, hiking tours or incentives adhere to ecotourism’s best practices.

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If you are limited in time, we can also provide day tours that start either from Amman, Aqaba or the Dead Sea.

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