Jordan Tourism Company Profile

Jordan Select Tours is an independent professional DMC and receptive tour operator and travel agency founded in 1994. We pride ourselves on our originality, dynamism and responsiveness to clients’ requirements, and we continue to maintain the best client loyalty track record in the national tourism industry for a number of reasons; unsurpassed creativity, perfect planning, and energetic, European trained staff.

Our Jordan DMC team consists of twenty-seven highly qualified individuals chosen for their professionalism, creativity and passion for assisting travellers to Jordan, plus several professional guides and drivers who have been handpicked for their knowledge, courtesy, and excellent service. You can trust us to organise your dream trip to Jordan.

As an experienced Jordan DMC and local tour operator, we know our country inside out. You can rest assured that when it comes to Jordan travel services,

nobody does it better!

About the Managers

About Jordan Select Tours, About Us,

Seif SaudiManaging Partner

Seif comes from mixed Italian and Jordanian origins. He was educated in Jordan and the United Kingdom. He co-founded Jordan Select Tours, is a member of The Society of Incentive & Travel Executives, SITE and a founding member of JITOA; the Jordan inbound tour operators association. He is involved in the planning and marketing aspects of the business and also involved in the day to day management of the company. Seif is fluent in English, Italian and Arabic.

About Jordan Select Tours, About Us,

Rana BseisoDirector of MICE

Rana was educated in The United Kingdom and Egypt. She is responsible for production and quality control. She has a wealth of experience in the travel industry and has been with Jordan Select Tours since 1998. She is fluent in Arabic and English.

Why choose Jordan Select Tours?

About Jordan Select Tours,
Professionalism and experience

Jordan Select Tours has been in business since 1994, we are members of several international and local travel associations and are ground service providers for quality tour operators worldwide.

We are a fully-fledged Jordan DMC, and fully bonded by the Jordanian Ministry Of Tourism and Antiquities.

About Jordan Select Tours, Select.joService-oriented and
creative staff

At Jordan Select Tours, you will find experts with heart and skill. We pride ourselves on our hand-picked dedicated staff that will spare no effort to insure client satisfaction.


Jordan Select Tours uses one of the most sophisticated custom made tourism operating systems in the industry and keeps abreast of the technology and state-of-the–art equipment to service its clients.

Competitive and attractive pricing

Being one of the major inbound tour operators in Jordan, our business volume allows us to leverage the best prices and services from local suppliers for our clients.

Solid market reputation

Trusted since 1994, we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation both internationally and with local suppliers.

Excellent client retention record

We maintain the best client loyalty track record of any travel company in Jordan!

Environmental work and conservation

In a country better known for its spectacular deserts, we have spent the past few years planting trees in the mountainous north of Jordan, which used to be renowned for its oak forests since the days of Jesus; sadly the original forests have been decimated by loggers and overgrazing. Since 2001, we have planted over 12000 trees (and counting).

Ensuring that the trees grow to be self-sustaining in the dry, rocky terrain is no easy task; in the first four years after being planted, trees need constant watering during much of the year, until their roots are strong enough to find their own groundwater- making the total investment per tree quite significant.

Conservation is something we believe in deeply, we are happy to be helping to transform Jordan into a greener place, and we see it as an excellent way to offset the carbon emissions of our clients. Moreover, we have recently initiated programs inside the reforested areas for schoolchildren, to encourage them to enjoy and appreciate nature so that they can one day conserve it themselves, the results have been inspiring for us to say the least.

Simply stated, in addition to receiving excellent service, by using Jordan Select Tours you will be choosing a company that is actively involved in conservation.

Meet Us

Jordan Select Tours regularly attends travel trade shows, you can meet us at IMEX Frankfurt, EIBTM Barcelona and ILTM Cannes. Please contact us for further details.