We have compiled a list of some of the most interesting spots to visit in Jordan, together with general Jordan travel information to help you plan your trip to our amazing country. Our tailor-made itineraries incorporate many of these sites as well as additional activities that can be undertaken at these locations.


The History of Amman

Amman Tours Few places show the evolution of Jordan’s story as clearly as Amman, for here we can

The Citadel Tours

The Citadel Tours The L-shaped citadel hill, inhabited at least since the Early Bronze Age, was fortified at various times

The Roman Theatre, Amman

The Roman Theatre, Amman The most imposing monument of Roman Philadelphia, and

Petra Tours and Travel

Before planning a holiday to Petra, come and learn a few important facts about this outstanding

Petra – Tombs and Temples

Petra – Tombs and Temples Tombs carved in al-Khubtha mountain are designated ‘royal’ from

Petra – Treasury and Theatre

Petra – Treasury and Theatre At the end of the long twilight of the Siq – the cleft in the rock that

Tour To The Dead Sea

Tour To Dead Sea Jordan’s western border runs below sea level for most of its 360 km length, following the line of th

Baptism Site

Baptism Site- Bethany Beyond the Jordan The ‘Pilgrim of Bordeaux’, in AD 333 the first known

Jerash Tours

Jerash Tours One of the best-preserved provincial Roman towns in the world, Jerash lies about 45 km north of ‘Amman, in

Umm Qais Tours

Um Qais Tours Little is known of the earliest history of Gadara, a hilltop site in the north-

Ajlun and its castle

Ajlun Castle In the hills north-west of Jarash, overlooking the town of ‘Ajlun, stands a handsome

Madaba Tours

Madaba Tours The rambling modern face of Madaba, situated some 30 km south of ‘Amman,

Mount Nebo, Madaba

Mount Nebo, Madaba Known locally as Siyagha, Mount Nebo is the highest point in this part

Aqaba Tours and Travel Guide

Aqaba Tours and Travel Guide Jordan’s only seaport lies half encircled by mountains at the head

Wadi Rum Tours

Wadi Rum Tours Coming from the northern plateau, the first sight of Wadi Rum is a bird’s eye

Al-Beidha Tours

A short distance north of Petra lies an area of pale honey colored rock – Al Beidha in Arabic, ‘the

Dana Tours

Dana Tours The little village of Dana perches on a shelf of the mountainside that drops

Faynan Tours

Faynan Tours One of life’s transforming discoveries- how to smelt copper – occurred in the

Karak Tours

Karak Tours This splendid Crusader fortress – Crak des Moabites, or Le Pierre du Desert to the

Shobak Castle

Shobak Castle About 25km north of Petra an imposing castle crowns a cone of rock which rises

As-Salt Tours

As-Salt Tours Until the early 1920s as-Salt was the only town of any real significance in Jordan

The Desert Castles Of Jordan

The Desert Castles Of Jordan The Desert Castles, which were built mostly under the Umayyads

Qasr Al-Hallabat Tours

Qasr al-Hallabat Tours This considerable complex includes the qasr itself, a mosque, a large

Qasr Al-Kharanah Tours

Qasr al-Kharanah Tours This is one of only two of Jordan’s Desert castles that seem to be built for

Qasr Al-Mushatta Tours

Qasr al-Mushatta Tours The most richly decorated of the Umayyad palaces in Jordan was Qasr

Qusayr Amra Tours

Qusayr Amra Tours Two days after finding Qasr at-Tuba, Alois Musil saw Qusayr (little palace)

Pella Tours

Set in a fold of the hills that overlook the Jordan Valley, Pella was perfectly situated, not least

Azraq Tours

Azraq Tours Azraq, whose name means ‘blue’, lies 80km east of Amman in a vast shallow basin

Al-Humayma Tours

According to the Byzantine writer Uranios, the earliest town on this site was built in

Khirbet at-Tannur Tours

This spectacularly sited Nabataean temple and pilgrimage centre lies some 100km north of

Lot’s Church, Safi Tours

Lot’s Cave , Safi Tours In the hills east of Ghor as-Safi (ancient Zoar) a cave was found in 1991 with

Mukawir Tours

Mukawir Tours The local name for this hilltop al-mishnaqa, the gallows carries resonances of its early notoriety, for the

Qasr Tuba Tours

Qasr Tuba Tours In1896 Alois Musil, a Czech explorer and Arabist, was cold by the bedouin of

Deir ‘Alla Tours

Deir ‘Alla Tours At the heart of the market town of Deir ‘Alla in the Jordan Valley, c. 230m below sea

Umm al-Jimal Tours

Umm al-Jimal Tours The black basalt city of Umm al-Jimal (Its name means ‘mother of camels’) lies

Umm ar-Rasas, Madaba

Umm ar-Rasas, Madaba Umm ar-Rasas lies in open rolling countryside just east of Dhiban. First

Iraq Al-Amir Tours

Iraq al-Amir Tours In the 5th century BC Nehemiah, governor of the Persian province of Judaea

Dhiban Tours

Dhiban Tours All that is now visible of ancient Dibon is a partly excavated tell beside the

Al Lahun Tours

Al Lahun Tours Dramatically located on the very edge of the northern cliff of Wadi