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Jordan has a lot to offer to its visitors, be it those looking for a relaxed holiday in Jordan, or those seeking a more active or cultural experience. After all, it features magnificent world heritage sites such as Petra, the new 7th world wonder, the expansive desert of Wadi Rum, and some amazing, well preserved Roman cities such as Jerash, while its biblical sites are second to none.
Jordan holidays take a new meaning when booked with Jordan Select Tours; our itineraries are carefully planned to maximise our clients’ available time, while incorporating more than the obvious points of interest, adding elements of surprise and hidden treasures found well off the beaten path.

We also ensure that our clients have time to relax and enjoy the beauty and diversity of our country on their holiday in Jordan. We believe that Jordan is the ultimate boutique destination and we strive to display it in its true colours.
We only use fluent, knowledgeable, handpicked certified guides and choose the safest, most reliable drivers and transport companies to give you peace of mind during your holidays to Petra and Jordan as a whole. For example, tours of Petra take a new meaning when they are led by one of our professional tourist guides, who can explain what lies above and below the surface, and the significance of past events in Jordan’s history and the modern world. In the same way, a well-executed corporate incentive adds up to an experience that is much more than the sum of its parts.

We realise that your time is precious, and this is why our staff are at hand to make sure that your Jordan holiday’s logistics and timetable are optimised to make the best use of time, taking account of the season of your travel, with considerations for the best time to visit certain sites, and the age of participants and their particular interests. All of this means that we give our clients holidays are beyond compare.

Jordan is a stupendous country and we are experts at planning and executing travel programs that feature its beautiful sites. Please have a look at the next section to see the different DMC products that we offer our clients.

Jordan Classic & Cultural Tours

Jordan has been blessed with a unique cultural and natural heritage that spans millennia, hence your Jordan holiday can be a an eye opener in more ways than one.

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Private Independent Jordan Tours

In this ever shrinking world, there’s a growing trend of travellers wishing to experience their destination independently and at their own pace.

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Special Interest Tours

We are experts at producing special interest itineraries for our groups. We research our clients’ subjects of interest, and by coordinating within our wide range of contacts and local experts, we produce the perfect itineraries that consistently exceed their expectations.

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day tours

All offered day tours are private; therefore you have the freedom to start at any time and date and they can be customised to suit your interests and wishes. We can also provide tailor-made day tours to match your preferences thus allow you perfect holidays to Petra Jordan

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ecological tourism

Jordan Select Tours advocates responsible tourism practices. We pride ourselves on our ecological awareness and our company’s own conservation efforts.

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No matter what you have in mind, be it to arrange a Petra tour for a rotary group, or a high end incentive that is meant to surpass anything that was done before, we can help you with our top notch travel services.