Discover Jordan, a land where ancient history and modern wonders blend seamlessly. From the iconic city of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, to the captivating Wadi Rum desert and the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, Jordan is a land of breathtaking diversity. Our Jordan tours are meticulously crafted to showcase the highlights of Jordan, including the vibrant city of Amman, the ancient Roman ruins of Jerash, the mosaic-filled city of Madaba, and the serene shores of the Red Sea in Aqaba.

We also ensure that our clients have time to relax and enjoy the beauty and diversity of our country on their holiday in Jordan. We believe that Jordan is the ultimate boutique destination, and we strive to display it in its true colours.

We only use fluent, knowledgeable, handpicked certified guides and choose the safest, most reliable drivers and transport companies to give you peace of mind during your holidays to Petra and Jordan as a whole. For example, tours of Petra take a new meaning when they are led by one of our professional tourist guides, who can explain what lies above and below the surface and the significance of past events in Jordan’s history and the modern world. In the same way, a well-executed corporate incentive adds up to an experience that is much more than the sum of its parts.

We realise that your time is precious, and this is why our staff are at hand to make sure that your Jordan holiday’s logistics and timetable are optimised to make the best use of time, taking account of the season of your travel, with considerations for the best time to visit certain sites, and the age of participants and their particular interests. All of this means that we give our clients holidays that are beyond compare.

Our guided tours delve into the heart of Jordan’s heritage, from exploring the archaeological wonders of the ancient city of Petra, the majestic Mount Nebo where Moses is said to have seen the Promised Land, to the historical significance of Jerash, a testament to Jordan’s Roman past. Immerse yourself in the Bedouin culture in the Wadi Rum desert and experience a desert camp under the stars. Whether it’s a day tour or a more extensive exploration, our private tours are tailored to your interests, ensuring a personalised journey through this incredible land.

Jordan is a stupendous country and we are experts at planning and executing travel programs that feature its beautiful sites. Please have a look at the next section to see the different DMC products that we offer our clients.

Jordan Classic & Cultural Tours

Embark on a journey through Jordan’s rich heritage of history and culture. Visit the rose-red city of Petra, marvel at the ancient mosaics in Madaba, and explore the Roman citadel in Amman. Our cultural tours provide a deep dive into the Nabataean, Roman, and Arab influences that have shaped Jordan.

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Private Independent Jordan Tours

For those who prefer the flexibility of private tours, our offerings include the best of Jordan. From exploring the ancient city of Petra and the natural wonders of Dana Nature Reserve,to snorkeling in the Red Sea near Aqaba, tailor your trip to include your must-do experiences.

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Special Interest Tours

We are experts at producing special interest itineraries for our groups. We research our clients’ subjects of interest, and by coordinating within our wide range of contacts and local experts, we produce the perfect itineraries that consistently exceed their expectations.

Our special interest tours cater to a variety of passions, from archaeological sites like Little Petra and Mt. Nebo to religious sites significant in the Holy Land narrative. Experience Jordan’s ancient history and natural wonders through our expertly guided tours.

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day tours

Our day tours offer a snapshot of Jordan’s essence. From a quick visit to the lost city of Petra & Wadi Rum to exploring the Roman ruins of Jerash, these tours are perfect for those short on time but eager to experience Jordan’s rich history and stunning landscapes.

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ecological tourism

Jordan Select is committed to sustainable tourism practices. Our ecological tours include visits to nature reserves like Dana and sightseeing in Jordan’s natural wonders, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

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Jordan Tours, Select.jo

Whether you are seeking a comprehensive tour of Jordan’s archaeological sites, a spiritual journey through the Holy Land, or an adventure in the desert landscape of Wadi Rum, our Jordan trips offer an array of experiences. With options ranging from small group tours to private, customised itineraries, and knowledgeable English-speaking tour guides, we ensure your Jordanian adventure is unforgettable. Join us to explore the ancient history, natural beauty, and rich culture of Jordan.