6 Day tour of Jordan

I am just completing a 6 day tour of Jordan.  My trip took me from Amman to
Petra, to Wadi Rum, to the Dead Sea, and I fly out this morning to Istanbul.
My stop in Jordan is part of a round the world trip I started in late
August, and I just wanted to comment on my experience with your company.
The destinations selected by Jordan Select Tours were perfect and made my
visit memorable. As a solo traveler in the country for the first time, however, the destinations are only part of my concerns. Perhaps the biggest
concern is the ease, comfort, and security of the transfers between stops and
the person selected to manage my day-to-day itinerary. In this regard, I
want to comment on the exceptional services of the driver who escorted me during my entire stay in Jordan.
From the moment I first met Mohammed at the airport he was extremely
professional, courteous and informative. He told me that he would take care
of everything and that if I ever had any questions or concerns to let him
know. His goal, he told me, is to see the smiles and happy faces of his
clients as they depart Jordan after he has escorted them through the
country. We went over the itinerary and he made sure I had his phone number.
As we drove along from the airport to my hotel he pointed out various points
of interest, from the new construction going on to the old and new parts of
Amman. At the hotel he told me when he would be by the next day to pick me
up and start our journey, and he showed up several minutes early on Monday
Mohammed helped me when it came to deciding where to hire a guide and where
to forgo the expense. For instance, he suggested a guide was worthwhile at
The Citadel and that it was not necessary at Mt. Nebo (after he pointed out
what to look for as I walked the site). My tour included the price of a
guided tour of Petra, and prior to arriving at Petra, he made sure I had a
very good person to guide me.
Mohammed also served as my interpreter. At every check-in, he handled all
the arrangements for my room, and he made sure I understood the plan for the
day or the day he would pick me up.  At Rahayeb Camp, I was booked for a
standard room. Mohammed spoke to the operator and had me upgraded to a VIP room at no extra cost.  He also arranged the 4×4 drive into the desert and
the morning camel ride: all I had to do was show up at the time he scheduled
and the event went off without a problem.
We spent a lot of time in the car together, and Mohammed used the time to
explain life and society in Jordan and to patiently answer my questions
about the country.  His command of English is excellent, and we chatted
about many topics.  As a solo traveler, it was nice to have a companion
happy to talk.
It seemed throughout my time in Jordan that wherever we went, whenever we
stopped, everyone knew and genuinely liked Mohammed.  By association, I was
the beneficiary of his friendships and contacts, and I received excellent
care from his associates.
It is clear that Mohammed’s motivation is to assure that the traveler has a
wonderful time in Jordan.  He does this by carefully looking after all the
details of the trip, explaining what will “happen next,” keeping the tour on
track for the next stop and making sure no one takes advantage of his client.
I will leave Jordan today with many fond memories and a smile on my face,
all made possible by the care and attention of Mohammed.

Thank you.