A letter of thanks

I thought that we should write you an email thanking you for the wonderful time we had on our 5 day private tour of Jordan.

The booking experience was very smooth thanks to Elisa Papi who made the booking easy for us. Even with the great difference in the time between Canada and Jordan, she was always prompt in returning the information we needed to choose your company to provide the tour.

Our tour would not have been near as enjoyable as it was if it wasn’t for our guide/driver.
He was absolutely fantastic! The transportation he provided was always clean, comfortable and his driving was always respectful of the laws of Jordan and made us feel very safe with him in control of the car.

He was always on time and, with his guidance, the tour went very smoothly. His knowledge in all things Jordanian was very helpful and I believe this made our trip even more enjoyable.

He also gave us extra valuable advice ranging from restaurants to eat in and shops to look for gifts. I think he saved us from having any problems or disappointments.

He made us feel very comfortable by lending us a cell phone that we could use to call him at any time if we needed help in any manner.

Because of our experiences with the people in your company, I feel happy in recommending your company to friends who will be traveling to Jordan in the future.

We will someday return to Jordan and use the services of your company again.

Thank you again,