Kindest regards to all, Jenny, South Africa

Having been in the Travel Business myself, I know how important constructive feed-back is, but in this case we genuinely cannot think of any constructive criticism, except to say that the world does not know enough about what you have to offer….more advertising!!!

Our drivers were Hitham Khaleel and Esam and they were both outstanding. We cannot compliment them enough….Well informed, helpful, good driving, and easy to get along with. A great support in the matter of the swallowed Credit Card!! A real pleasure and people you can be proud of. Very comfortable vehicles too! We had two guides as well, Ma’moun at Petra – a MINE of amazing information, and we felt it a priviledge to be on the receiving end of all that knowledge. Beauty at Jerash was just as pleasant, and gave us lots of interesting insights into the site. Airport assistence was spot on and VERY helpful….what would we have done without you???? You obviously have all the right contacts, Mr. Zghoul, and we were impressed to see you helping the two ladies in distress as well!!

The accommodation was amazing, and we felt it was lucky that we got it at the END of the tour otherwise we would have been spoilt for the rest! All hotel staff very pleasant and helpful, rooms and service without fault.

Our overall impression of the tour was absolutely excellent! Mr. Mahommed and Jasmine were extremely helpful and accommodating in the matter of changing our schedule and we were most grateful, as it would have been terrible to miss the Dead Sea!!!! Many thanks for the No Charge change to the Kempinsky!

And so – ten out of ten!!!! We cannot think of even a tiny fault!!!! Thanks again for everything and we will certainly be raving about Jordan to whoever we tell about out trip.

Kindest regards to all,