Letter of Gratitude

Thank you for your diligence in arranging our itinerary for our trip to Jordan. We enjoyed our visit immensely. We especially want to recognize our wonderful tour guide, Mohamed Kiswani, as a major factor who contributed to the success and enjoyment of our time in Jordan.

Debra and I found Mohamed to be knowledgeable about Jordan in all its aspects of life- landscapes, the food, the people, the political variables at play within and around Jordan, the history of your beautiful country. He was always concerned about our safety and rearranged the schedule, at times, to ensure we had the best trip possible. Mohamed gave us insights into traditions and how we could fit in most easily into local events. This saved us from a few potentially uncomfortable moments, for which we were very grateful. We also found that Mohamed was honest and forthright in explaining situations, and always seemed to have our best interests at heart.

We would highly recommend Mohamed’s services to friends and family. In addition, we are happy to recommend your agency for anyone wanting to see Jordan.

Thanks again for all your work on our behalf.