We enjoyed a four days tour conducted by your company and were pleased to complete your service evaluation form with an excellent mark in all items.

But it doesn’t mean that everything was perfect, that would be an unreasonable expectation, it means that your personnel strived at and succeed in making us feel good and well looked after every step of the itinerary. Things don’t go naturally that way, committed people makes them to.

Miss Ahmad’s proficiency at tailoring the tour to our needs convinced us to choose your agency, she was always quick, clear and precise in her answers; thoughtfully considering all relevant aspects in the planning of the schedule, even anticipating possible inconveniences: she called us the very evening of our arrival at the hotel in Amman to let us know that there could be weather problems in Petra next day and that if that proved to be case she would rearrange the itinerary.

Mr. Akileh our escort is a remarkably safe driver, a knowledgeable guide and a caring person which left literally nothing to be desired as a professional. Thanks for the most part to him, Jordan would no longer be for us a remote geographical reference but a country we know of and care about. The land of a people to whom we wish the best for the future.

So, in the end, this is mostly about congratulating You on the human and professional quality of your personnel.

Yours very truly: