Petra was great. Visiting Petra was one of the main reasons for coming to Jordan and it did not disappoint. We were incredibly sore the next few days, but it was worth it. Petra Kitchen was good. It ended up just being Kristina and me that night, so Tareq the chef was able to give a lot of individual attention. I am also a baba ganouj fan, and it was some of the best that I have had. Wadi Run was great. We had our camel ride and then the Jeep ride was also really good. I appreciated that Firas came along. He got some great videos of us running down sand dunes. The Dead Sea was a highlight for me. Jerash was unexpectedly awesome. I did not know much about it beforehand, but I was really impressed with the size and how well preserved everything was. If anyone has a later flight out from Amman, staying at the resort the last night worked really well. They let us keep the room until 2:00.

I was very impressed with Jordan Select. My wife and I have done a fair bit of traveling since we started our assignment in Saudi Arabia a few years ago and your team is among the best that we have seen. I really appreciated your flexibility in changing our itinerary before and during our trip. Firas and Wisam were both exceptional. They were always early and their advice and coordination made the trip more enjoyable.

Thanks again for the help. We had a wonderful time.