Åke, Sweden

About one week has passed since we got back to reality again. We are still overwhelmed by the fantastic arrangements you have created for us five. The journey became to an amazing adventure! Everything was so well arranged by you. We were met like VIP:s at the airport and was driven by the very,very nice Mohammad, who we had the pleasure to met once again when he drow us to Damascus. The day after our arrival we met the lovely Emad who took us further on. He was very concerning and openminded ,asked us all the time if we had any special wishes and gladly effected them if we had any. He was not only the talented driver he was our guide also during the trip south and fullfilled that task very well.
We also recommend the very nice guide we had at Petra. He was interested enough to learn our names, which is not very usual.

As we arrived in Syria Yaseen Allatif met us at the border. He assisted us through the border formalities and welcomed us to Syria with gifts and maps to us all. Then he accompanied us the whole way trough Syria and all the places we planned to see. He was a wonderful man, extremely talented in telling us all about the old places and the new Syria. He was really a perfect guide and a very nice companion. He escorted us to and inside the airport in Damascus, very concerning. We really recommend him to be used for other tourists. Please transfer our information to the Syrian Travel agency, Sherezade! In Syria the driver was Ahmad, who patiently waited for us in many places. He was also very nice although a bit absent in his mind, thinking of his newborn child 2 days before we met him. Despite this he fullfilled his mission with skilled driving and a good humour.

The journey has really lived up to our expectations except one thing. That was the accommodation, which exseeded all our expectations. From the wonderful rooms in Amman and Petra “Guest House”, the latter not at all a guest house but a luxorious hotel perfectly situated and comfortable , to the amazing hotels in Damascus and Aleppo as taken from Thousand and one Night!! We have never in our lives stayed at any hotel like these, with such an athmosphere from the 17th century and stylish decoration. We were so happy and talked many times about the wonderful Manar who had arranged it. So the accommodation was really one of the greatest highlights on our journey!
We will also remember all kindness, friendliness and concern from everybody we met both in Jordan and Syria. I hope we can pay a new visit to this region some time in the future. I will also tell you that we have really recommended your agency and specially you to our friends. Many are very interested to go, some of them very seriously.

Now we have our memories left and all the pictures and a video, which I have started to edit.
We all wish you good luck in the future and bring you a deep gratefulness!

With much love and regards,