Wine Tasting

You Have strolled the streets of Amman to get a sense of its local culture, you’ve already seen the sights, the citadel, the amphitheater, you’ve tried the local cuisine, and maybe even visited a few bars and pubs, but you can’t end your vacation without trying Jordan’s local wine.

Wine tasting is a great way to enjoy good wine, meet new people and learn about the region and winemaking.

Jordan Wine is produced by two wineries, JR and Saint George.

Jr Wine

JR wine tasting room is in Amman at Abdali’s The Boulevard, you can sample 3 glasses of your choice of wine alongside a selection of cheeses and local bread baskets, or you can pre-book a tour to their winery and vineyard.

Saint George

You can visit them at their specialty showroom called The Wine Maker located in Weibdeh or organize a tour of their vineyard in Mafraq.

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