Jordan trip feedback 11661

Let me introduce myself. I am Sarala Unni ,Sunil’s mother. My son was the one who was communicating with you throughout regarding our trip. But I thought I should thank you personally.

It had long been my wish to visit Jordan. I travel quite a lot specially to places of historical interest. Since Sunil shares my love of the ancient world(he knows much more about it than I do) we sometimes do trips together. We have visited Egypt, Greece and Istanbul this way. When we visited Greece in 2006, we had drawn up an itinerary for Jordan as well. But we had to go personally to Delhi to get the visa. For a person living in the south of India ,going to the Capital Delhi is like going to another country! So we dropped the plan. By the time both of us thought of it again, 7 years had passed. We had so much wanted to visit Syria but God knows whether it will ever be possible. So we decided to go ahead with Jordan without any further delay. The visa regulations had relaxed by now.

We had some anxious moments with the US threatening to attack Syria but finally, we made it.

We are so glad we did the trip. We had a wonderful time. Your country is beautiful and so rich in tradition and history; your people are so warm and friendly; your food is simply delicious especially to a non-vegetarian like me!

We had consulted Trip Advisor before we selected our tour operator. Jordan Select has such wonderful reviews and we fully endorse them. You are really professional and the arrangements were excellent. I would like to thank you and the others in your Company who made our Jordan experience a wonderful one.

Warm regards