Our trip evaluation

As I touched on briefly in the handwritten document, our trip was great from start to finish.

We began in earnest to plan our trip in May 2012, and Diana was able to create an itinerary that we believed included everything we wanted to do/see in the short time we had to visit. We were sorry that we had to cancel last year, but we have seen that, had we traveled when originally scheduled, your guides would have kept us safe. It’s something we’ll remember on future trips!

This year, we worked with Iris Tan, and she was just as helpful as Diana had been. Every time we added or changed something on our itinerary, she was more than accommodating. We couldn’t have been more pleased with all she did for us, and we were extremely happy with each of the hotels she reserved for us.

Regarding Wesam — the three of us just hit it off, and he was so accommodating. For example, when I asked Wesam about a place I’d read about in the Royal Jordanian magazine during the flight to Amman, he took us there — and he didn’t have to do that. He is so easy to get along with, and he shares our sense of humor, which was such an unexpected pleasure. We feel very fortunate that we were matched up with him for the week! We had SO much fun together! He just took care of us the entire time we were in Jordan, and we feel we now have a friend in Jordan.

We were very happy with Mike, our guide in Israel, as well. He brought to life all the places we’ve learned about since we were little kids, and he was the perfect person to share our first visit to his country. He explained, he demonstrated, he made us think about where we were & the history behind what were seeing. Our driver, Mohammed, was equally as nice, and he navigated traffic with ease!

I’ve had the opportunity to travel internationally on a regular basis, and I have to tell you this is one of my favorite trips, due in large part to the staff at Jordan Select! I’m sure Virginia, who is well-traveled as well, would agree. When I tell friends about the trip, they’ve commented that I’m more enthusiastic in my details than they remember from other trips. I guess I’d have to agree. Both countries, and all the people we met, exceeded our expectations. It was an incredible journey!

Thanks so much for everything. We’ll be sure to tell people they need to come see Jordan!