Jordan is the second most water-scarce country in the world, with per-person annual renewable water reserves of under 100m3. This is five times lower than the threshold of 500mthat defines “water scarcity”. Accordingly, Jordan is extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Combined with rapid population growth, increases in global temperature threaten to exacerbate already severe water shortages.

Here at Jordan Select Tours, we recognise that our industry comes with inevitable environmental costs. We are not a large operator, maintaining a team of approximately twenty seven highly skilled staff orientated towards creating boutique experiences. However, this has not limited our commitment to protecting the environment that we so rely on.

Since inception, we have believed in the responsibility of companies, regardless of size, to exercise their responsibilities towards the environment. For us, our business revolves around Jordan being in a good condition. Protecting the environment is ethically and commercially the right thing to do. It’s really that simple.

Thus, in 2001 we began an ambitious project. In the Gilead forest, near the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Salt, we began reforesting a large tract of woodland. In Jordan, this is very difficult. In the arid climate, trees require watering for four-five years before they become self-sustaining. For a few trees, this is a small issue. However, between 2001-2021, we’ve planted over twelve thousand. This has been costly, but the numbers fade in comparison to the benefits.

We’ve witnessed the return of wildlife to our corner of Jordan. Sightings of small mammals and birds once rare are now common. Happily, on our plot of land, we’ve now run out of space. However, we’re not stopping anytime soon. Working with The Ministry of Agriculture, we’ve extended the project to the surrounding countryside.

This is only the beginning, and as we get back to normal after covid, we’re looking forward to building on our progress. We hope that you’ll be able to join us soon on a tour of Jordan.

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