Are you contemplating a trip to Jordan in 2024, yet find yourself wondering about the region’s current safety status? If your travel plans include Jordan, you might naturally be concerned about how the situation in Israel and Gaza could potentially influence Jordan’s safety and whether it’s advisable to proceed with your travel plans.

The straightforward answer is, yes, it is currently safe to travel to Jordan. This article aims to shed light on why Jordan remains a safe haven for tourists, despite the recent turmoil in neighboring Israel and Gaza.

Jordan has consistently been recognized as one of the safest countries within the Middle East. In 2023, it was ranked impressively as the fourth safest country in the Arab world and 62nd globally out of 163 countries, according to the Global Peace Index, with notably low crime rates.

Over recent years, Jordan has enhanced its security infrastructure, thereby reinforcing the country’s status as a secure destination for both visitors and residents. The nation enjoys a stable political climate, and tourist hotspots such as Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea are frequented by visitors who experience these wonders without any issues.

One of Jordan’s standout features is the unparalleled warmth and hospitality of its people, which plays a significant role in its appeal as a tourist destination. The opportunity to immerse oneself in Jordanian culture, coupled with the chance to interact with the friendly locals, transforms a visit into a memorable and heartwarming experience. From savouring the flavours of Jordanian cuisine in local restaurants, exploring bustling markets, to visiting key historical and natural sites, travellers can enjoy a rich and fulfilling journey in safety and comfort.

As for the concerns regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict, it’s important to understand that Jordan, despite its geographical proximity, stands apart from the current tensions in Gaza and maintains its status as a stable and secure destination. Life in Jordan continues as normal, with tourists still visiting in numbers and tours operating without interruption.

Specifically addressing the events of October 2023, Jordan has remained unaffected by the conflict between Israel and Hamas. While Jordan supports the Palestinian cause and has established peace treaties with Israel, it is not directly involved in the current conflicts. The disturbances in Israel are confined to the Gaza Strip and some parts of Lebanon.

Jordan experiences occasional peaceful protests and demonstrations, typically on Fridays near the Israeli and US embassies or in downtown Amman. These are easily avoidable and highly unlikely to impact your travel arrangements. The Jordanian Tourist Board has reassured potential visitors by stating, “In light of the recent developments in Gaza, we wish to reaffirm that Jordan continues to be a safe and welcoming destination for tourists globally. Our unwavering commitment to the safety and wellbeing of all visitors stands firm, and we reassure everyone that Jordan’s borders are welcoming to tourists.”

Considering tourism’s pivotal role in Jordan’s economy as a primary source of national income, the Jordanian government is deeply committed to ensuring the safety of tourists. The government would not encourage tourism if there were any risks involved.

In summary, if Jordan is on your travel agenda, feel confident in proceeding with your plans. Just be sure to secure travel insurance and prepare appropriate attire for the climate, looking forward to an enriching experience in this safe, hospitable, and culturally rich country.