Here at Jordan Select Tours, we’re proud to be a local tour operator offering a wide range of tourism services in our home country. Jordan is our entire business. It’s where we operate, where all our staff are based and where we have decades of experience catering to all kinds of client requirements. Alongside local tour operators, many international companies offer tours of Jordan. These companies have played a large, positive role in our country’s development and have enabled the sector to grow. Thanks to them, more people than ever have experienced Jordan’s incredible attractions.

However, we firmly believe that in booking your holiday to Jordan, local operators such as Jordan Select Tours are best placed to cater for you and your group. Let us present you with ten reasons why.

1. Local Knowledge

Local Jordanian tour operators know Jordan like no one else. This helps us cater and advise to an extent that foreign companies cannot. As Jordanians, we’ve travelled to all our country’s attractions. Bringing children to Jordan? Our employees have been there as children and taken their own. Wondering about accessibility? We’ve visited Petra with our own senior family members. One of the joys of being local is that this is our lived experiences can be used to enhance your trip.

2. Value

At Jordan Select Tours, we have wonderful connections with local businesses. Relationships and trust are important in Jordan. Therefore, by working with our partners throughout the decades, we are often able to secure preferential prices for our guests that foreign firms cannot. Business operation costs in Jordan are also less than in the West. You’ll notice the difference in your bill!

3. We’re informed

As we mentioned, our business revolves around Jordan. We don’t have to juggle other markets. Therefore, we’re always up to date with current news and events in Jordan. The country is incredibly stable (more so than many Western nations), but this enables us to properly take care of our guests. We’ll always have your back!

4. Your money helps support Jordan’s environment

So, this one is specific to Jordan Select Tours and our sister company Jordan Direct Tours. Over the last twenty years, we’ve reforested a large tract of woodland in Jordan’s North. This hasn’t come cheap, but the benefits are worth it. If you want to have an amazing tour of Jordan whilst supporting the local environment, book with us!

5. Experience

We have a long-term network of local Jordanian guides and drivers chosen for their quality and standard of service. We’ve worked with the same trusted partners throughout our 25 years in operation but also keep things fresh by searching for exciting new experiences. Jordan is our business. We haven’t just set up shop to grab a piece of the growing market and have superior levels of oversight compared to those based abroad. For a smoother trip, choose a local tour operator like Jordan Select Tours!

6. Customisation

We have decades of experience in crafting luxury trips for individuals and groups from some of the world’s most illustrious companies. Want to secure private helicopter transfers? We have the local connections to make your dreams come to fruition. Feel like rewarding your employee’s performance with a private party in Petra? Say no more, we have it covered. Local knowledge and connections make these incredible experiences happen.

7. Honesty

Being honest and doing right by our customers is an obligation in Jordanian culture. We wouldn’t have achieved what we have without it. We’re fully accountable to Jordanian regulators and are participant members in the United Nations Global Compact, helping to ensure a better tourism industry for all.

8. New, exciting experiences

We’ve been in this game for a while now but are always on the lookout for ways to offer our clients unique experiences. We offer everything from graffiti tours with local rappers to craft brewery experiences. Booking with us means you’ll be able to explore Jordan in its entirety. From 4000BC to 2022, Jordan Select Tours has you covered!

9. You can contribute to Jordan’s development

By choosing a local operator, your money stays in the local economy. The pandemic has shown all of us the importance of supporting small and medium sized businesses, and tourism is no different. We don’t have staff based abroad, meaning you help ensure that local knowledge and hospitality stays where it belongs: in Jordan.

10. Authenticity

By booking with a local operator in Jordan, you receive the most authentic experience possible. At every level of our organisation, we understand Jordan. This means your trip will be as a good as it can from me from the point of booking, ensuring a polished experience when you arrive in Jordan. To avoid unwelcome surprises, book with a local operator!

Thanks for sticking with us! If you’d like to find out more about our wide range of services, please feel free to contact us. We’d be delighted to meet you.