Jordan in the media: A look at recent global coverage of the Kingdom

2022 has started strongly for travel in Jordan. The country is already starting to pick up awards and has demonstrated positive indicators coming out of the pandemic. Business is picking up and we’ve survived the biggest shock to the global travel market. There’s never been a better time to explore Jordan. Let’s look back at some recent content covering Jordan’s tourism sector.
The New York Times has named Jordan as one of its best places to travel in 2022. Whilst many outlets focus on the timeless appeal of Petra and Wadi Rum (not without reason), we were delighted to see praise for Dana Reserve. This stunning natural park has undergone a renaissance in recent years. Derelict villages have been transformed into stunning cultural attractions and ecotourism has been harnessed as a method to preserve the area’s biodiversity. In their list of 52 places to visit in 2022, Dana ranks the highest in the Middle East. This is great news and highlights the value of preserving natural environments, something Jordan Select Tours has been committed to since day one.
Salt was featured in an article on Salt being selected as the newest UNESCO World Heritage site. The city has long been held warmly in the hearts of Jordanians. We’re delighted to see the world wake up to its incredible history of tolerance and religious coexistence. Alongside impressive Ottoman architecture, Salt is only half an hour by car from Amman. The Middle East is often portrayed negatively in the media, but the BBC do a great job here by highlighting Jordanian hospitality and cultural vibrance. Our advice is simple: visit Salt before the crowds arrive!
Hiking in Jordan is more popular than ever. With stunning ravines and spectacular forests and mountains, there’s more to Jordan than the desert. Juliette Sivertsen of The New Zealand Herald describes her experiences hiking in Jordan. Following the popular Jordan Trail, she recalls the views and hospitality that made her trip so memorable.
The New York Times love Jordan! Hiking is a great way to explore Jordan, and these are some of the most spectacular pictures of Jordan that highlight the beauty of Jordan’s most iconic sights.
Jordan has hosted many famous faces over the years, and this article describes the recent visit of British royals Prince William and Kate Middleton to the Kingdom. The piece describes the future King and Queen’s longstanding connection to Jordan, Kate having lived in Amman for three years as a child. They clearly enjoyed their time Jordan in Jordan and an image of the family in Petra was featured on their 2021 Christmas card.
America can seem a long way from the Middle East, and Jordan has sorely lacked options for flights to the US. However, things may be changing. The article covers the planned arrival of United Airlines to Jordan. This is great news for our friends stateside, who will be able to put their Star Alliance points to good use! It’s also a strong indicator of the international optimism in the future of Jordan as an exciting destination. We can’t wait to welcome more American clients.