With some of the city’s most remarkable sky-high towers, world-renowned hotels and most exclusive serviced apartments, the Abdali Boulevard is gaining well-deserved recognition as the new downtown of Amman.

Abdali Boulevard Jordan, Select.joStrategically located in the heart of Amman, the Abdali Boulevard is a residential hub that boasts Jordan’s most progressive businesses, commercial and social destinations, perfectly intertwining living and leisure in Jordan’s capital. While there are plenty of places to walk around in Jordan, the Abdali Boulevard is unique in that it’s family-friendly, full of dining options, and aesthetically pleasing. Friends and family members can spend all day walking from shop to shop to finally rest at one of the Boulevard’s numerous dining establishments. For those arriving in Amman during festive holidays, the Boulevard is famous for its Spring,
Christmas, Ramadan bazaars -with other events occurring all throughout the year.

Abdali Boulevard Jordan, Select.joThe best shopping is done with a full stomach, so stop at Vivid or Cafe Margaux, Cafe Italia, or Cafe Gourmandfora quick meal. For a coffee stop, Nestle Toll House and Zeit W Zataar also offer a range of delicious snacks you won’t be able to refuse. They also have options for more formal affairs, Cloud International Cuisine and Cantaloupe are favourites with the locals because of their delectable menu choices and the fact that you can marvel at stunning views of the city from their towering locations.

For those looking to shop, Abdali Mall is conveniently located at the end Abdali Boulevard Jordan, Select.joof the Boulevard. The mall is the biggest in Jordan, filled with your favourite stores from around the world, and has one of the most luxurious cinemas in town –Prime Cinemas. Catch a movie eat one of their Star Lounges (recliner seats and service right to your chair) or the Diamond seats at any of the theatres. Shopaholics can also feel right at home at the Boulevard, where they have a Duty Free shop, Natuzzi furniture, Basler Fashion House, Gift Center, and Makeup Forever. As for the bazaars, those with a soft spot for sweets and a knack for trying out bite-sized goodness will find themselves surrounded by booths and vendors selling just that; local businesses from all around the country
gather and sell their inventions and creations at the Boulevard booths.

Abdali Boulevard Jordan, Select.joKids may never want to leave after seeing the decorations, characters, and games available to play. From an ice-skating rink during the Christmas bazaar to treasure hunts held during the spring festival, and its famed ‘Ramadan at The Boulevard’ festivities, there’s always something to keep kids busy. Surprise shows can also be found on a regular day at the Boulevard, so grab a snack, find a place on the steps, and enjoy a musical or theatrical performance at any time of the year.