Where to take your kids in Jordan?

Travellers with kids have so much to consider while planning for their vacation. Is the country safe? Is it Family Friendly? What activities are available for their children? And many more questions. Jordan is should be your top destination for your upcoming family vacation; it is the safest country in the Levant, with moderate weather that you can enjoy no matter what season it is, and with many activities for your children to enjoy.

Here are some of the many ideas that you can include in your itinerary:

AmmanActivities for families to do in Jordan, Select.jo

During your stay in Amman, you will not have to worry about your kids getting bored as there are countless entertainment options. You can start with The Children’s Museum. The museum includes a huge exhibit hall with more than 150 interactive and enjoyable exhibits. The museum also includes an outdoor space, a library, an art studio, a tinker lab, and a secret garden. Moreover, activities and programs are offered by the Children’s Museum all year round such as shows, events, and even camping. The activities can include the parents and are organized to be practical for all children up to 12 years of age.

Activities for families to do in Jordan, Select.jo

Downtown Amman is filled with options for your entertainment too, so how about a cultural journey to the Citadel? Climb around the pillars and stairs at the Temple of Hercules and gape at the demigod’s massive fingers. The Citadel is an outdoor museum, and you will not face any problem with your children’s curiosity and need to touch everything around them. After this visit, you can enjoy lunch downtown Amman at one of the most popular restaurants where you and your family can rest and indulge in the Jordanian meal of Mansaf.

Try an escape adventure with your family at Breakout Jo; use your team spirit along with your loved ones to find hidden objects, figure out clues, and solve puzzles to break out your room in 60 minutes. Activities for families to do in Jordan, Select.jo

You can also try interactive games at World of Illusions; featuring astound optical illusions which include spectacles in light and sound, 3D technology, holograms, games, and various mind-blowing installations. It is a place dedicated to offering visitors of all ages, tastes, and preferences, a unique experience of entertainment.


In case you have a late-night flight back home, and your last day’s schedule in Amman is empty, you can spend the day at 6 Yard; which offers premier indoor and outdoor football facilities. Your kids are guaranteed to love the soap and bubble football.

Activities for families to do in Jordan, Select.jo

The Mountains of Gilead

For an unusual escapade, we recommend a full day and overnight at the lodge and resort of Mountain Breeze. The resort is only 40 minutes drive from Amman to the north. You will find enjoyment in the natural scenery of the resort.
Mountain Breeze started a reforestation program back in 2001, and have succeeded in protecting several types of endangered wildflowers and plants within the property. An ultimate outdoor adventure awaits you at the Jordan Paintball Club that is within the resort’s grounds. YouActivities for families to do in Jordan, Select.jo can practice the ancient sport of Archery with the help of professional instructors, noting that the recurve bows fit anyone from 10 years old to adults. Many other activities are available at the resort such as hiking, pony rides, and cycling. Ensuring you that there will be no place for boredom. Before going to bed, you can have an exquisite dinner and a bonfire night. This is an experience that your family will never forget.

The Dead Sea

Moving from the North to the lowest point on earth; the Dead Sea. You will find many options for your accommodation and in additionActivities for families to do in Jordan, Select.jo, you can enjoy an amazing water park. La Cueva Aqua Park opened its doors to families in 2018, offering an exciting selection of activities that are suitable for all ages. The environment of the park is safe and fun-filled making it a great option in case you felt that the hotel you are staying in does not quite meet your kids’ requirements for fun.

The south of Jordan

Going south of Jordan to the Golden Triangle is an amusing experience for your family as well. Starting with the Red Rose City of Petra; camel rides, donkey rides, and carriages are available at certain points in theActivities for families to do in Jordan, Select.jo archaeological park of Petra, so you will not have to worry about your kids’ exhaustion while exploring the site.
Proceeding to the Moon valley of Wadi Rum; the first concern you will have in mind is if the desert is safe for kids, and it is! Bedouin Jeeps are driven by the locals who know the area by heart. Camel rides are escorted by the Bedouins as well, to make sure that every rider is safe. Sandboarding is also a safe and convenient activity for family fun, don’t worry about falling, the sand is softer than you can imagine!

The last stop in the South can be Aqaba; the port city on the Red Sea’s gulf. There’s more to Aqaba than swimming and enjoying the warm sun;Activities for families to do in Jordan, Select.jo try snorkelling and then enjoy fresh seafood lunch on board a boat while cruising the sea.
Moreover, you can try to join the one and only Aqabawi; a local organization in Aqaba that will help you and your family experience some local culture in many ways, such as creating your souvenirs’ from scratch, join a local family at their house and get involved with them in the kitchen while preparing a local meal.

We know that getting your children involved in activities will give them an unforgettable experience, and we’re sure Jordan will leave you with lasting memories of your vacation