In the heart of the Levant lies Jordan, a captivating land where ancient history melds seamlessly with modern culture, creating a tapestry of stunning landscapes and rich heritage. Leading the way in unveiling the wonders of this enchanting land is Jordan Select Tours, an award-winning and top-rated local tour operator. Specializing in tailor-made tours, we offer unique and personalized experiences for both individuals and groups eager to discover Jordan’s marvels.

Expertise and Experience

Jordan Select Tours stands as a beacon of expertise in Jordan’s tourism industry. Our team, comprising some of the finest consultants, guides, and drivers in the nation, brings a wealth of experience and passion to every trip. Our clients often recount their experiences with us as life-changing, a testament to our commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of Jordan’s history and culture. Our reputation, solidified through years of exceptional service, shines through in every journey we curate.

Partnerships and Recognition

Our dedication to crafting exceptional travel experiences has garnered recognition beyond Jordan’s borders. Jordan Select Tours is proud to partner with leading outbound tour operators worldwide, enhancing our tour offerings with global perspectives. Our and our partners’ accolades and listings in prestigious publications like Conde Nast Traveller reflect our unyielding commitment to providing unparalleled travel experiences.

What We Offer

At Jordan Select Tours, we believe that the essence of a memorable tour lies in its authenticity and meticulous planning.

Local Knowledge and First-Class Support

Our local knowledge is our cornerstone, enabling us to offer journeys that delve beyond the typical tourist paths. From the majestic ruins of Petra to the tranquil expanses of the Wadi Rum desert, our tours are thoughtfully crafted to showcase Jordan’s most iconic and hidden treasures. A unique aspect of our tours is the opportunity for clients to interact with local Jordanians. These interactions allow travelers to experience the warm, hospitable nature of the Jordanian people firsthand, adding depth and authenticity to their journey. Our clients benefit from our first-class support, ensuring a seamless and worry-free travel experience enriched by genuine cultural immersion.

Personal Touch and Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

What sets Jordan Select Tours apart is our ability to personalize each tour to our clients’ preferences. This personal touch, combined with our genuine passion for Jordan’s culture and history, is why most of our new clients come through word-of-mouth recommendations. In an age where digital advertising reigns supreme, our growth has been fueled by the most powerful endorsement: the satisfaction and praise of our clients.

Explorations and Cultural Immersion

Delving deeper into the heart of Jordan, we offer extended explorations that provide a more immersive experience. Be it wandering through the bustling markets of Amman, experiencing the Bedouin lifestyle in the desert, or enjoying the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, our tours are designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of Jordan’s diverse culture and landscapes. These extended journeys are not just tours but adventures that engage, educate, and inspire.

Health, Safety, and Client Convenience

In Jordan Tourism, your health and safety are paramount. Jordan Select Tours adheres to the highest standards of safety, ensuring peace of mind throughout your journey. We understand that travel can present unexpected challenges, and our team is adept at providing swift and effective solutions, ensuring any issue is a mere hiccup in an otherwise flawless experience. The convenience we offer is unmatched, from the planning stages to the execution of your tour; we are with you every step of the way.

Tourist Destinations and Attractions

Explore the bustling markets of Amman, wander through the ancient ruins of Jerash, and marvel at the historical sites in Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience the Bedouin lifestyle in Wadi Rum, visit the Jordan River, and float effortlessly in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea. Discover the underwater wonders of Aqaba by the Red Sea and the ancient mosaic art in Madaba. Dive into the rich history of Karak. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Salt and trek through the nature reserve in Dana.

Cultural and Historical Context

Our tours provide insight into the Roman, Christian, and Islamic influences on Jordan, showcasing the country’s diverse heritage. From the Citadel in Amman to the ancient ruins of Jerash, every step is a journey through time. Engage with the local Jordanian community and Bedouin traditions, adding depth and authenticity to your cultural experience.

Logistics and Practical Information

For your convenience, we accept payments in USD via credit card or via a secure payment gateway. 

Choose Jordan Select Tours for Your Getaway

Jordan Select Tours is not just a tour operator; we are your gateway to experiencing Jordan in its most authentic and spectacular form. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our deep-rooted love for this country, makes us the ideal partner for your Jordanian adventure. Whether you seek the thrill of exploration or the peace of serene landscapes, we are here to craft a journey that resonates with your spirit. We invite you to experience Jordan through our eyes – a journey that promises not just to travel but a transformation. Visit our website or contact us to embark on a journey that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.