Visitors to Jordan need to acknowledge and follow the below instructions, for a safe and enjoyable trip during the current pandemic.

Entry Requirements:

Visitors entering Jordan must meet certain conditions to enter, starting with a negative result from a PCR test that was taken no more than 72 hours prior to arrival time to Jordan. The second PCR test will be conducted upon your arrival to the airport and must be registered for through the following links for each airport:
Queen Alia International Airport – Amman (AMM)
King Hussein International Airport – Aqaba (AQJ)
The amount of 28 JOD for this test can be paid online, therefore you should obtain a payment bill to show at the check-in counter before boarding, in case you cannot pay through the links, the airline is responsible to collect this amount as EMD. You will receive your results via text message. As for your children, PCR test will not be required for children below 5 years of age. Do not forget to arrange your health insurance (for Non-Jordanians) before your trip to Jordan, and make sure that it will cover COVID-19 treatment for the entire period of your intended visit to Jordan. You will be required to fill out a form prior to boarding your flight to Jordan. This declaration form will be required at the time of check-in prior to your departure to Jordan.

Jordan-Specific Information:

For the time being, there are countrywide lockdowns starting from 7 pm on Thursday nights until 6 am on Saturday mornings, with very few exceptions such as airport arrivals and departures, so if your flight is on a Friday, that will not be a problem in any way. The current daily curfew (except Fridays) start from 6 pm for commercial establishments, and from 7 pm for individuals, and ends at 6 am the next morning. These strict regulations will continue until the 15th of May 2021. The Jordanian government has also announced that all sports facilities, gyms and pools will be closed as a precaution in order to tackle the rise in COVID-19 cases. To ensure safety, the Jordanian government continues to implement social distancing regulations and mandatory mask-wearing in business establishments, public transportation, and government facilities.

Quarantine Information:

Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 at the airport on arrival will be quarantined as per the Jordanian governmental regulations for at least ten days, the isolation place will be decided case by case by the officials. On the other hand, those who test negative at the airport do not have to be quarantined at all.
For travellers coming to Jordan from the UK, a 14 days stay outside the UK is required before arrival to Jordan.

Transportation Options:

All commercial flights from and to Jordan are operating except flights from and to the United Kingdom until further notice. Public transportation is also operating with social distancing practices and mandatory mask wearing for all passengers and drivers. As for land crossings from Jordan to Israel, all crossing points are closed for the time being.

Violations & Fines:

Any traveller that violates Jordanian entry requirements will face a 10,000 JOD fine, which is equal to around 14,000 USD. Violation of the social distancing and mask-wearing order carries a fine of no less than 60 JOD, and finally, breaking the nightly or weekend mandatory curfews carry fines of between 500 and 1,000 JOD for a first-time violation.

COVID-19 Vaccine

The Jordanian government has approved two COVID-19 vaccines for use, and many Jordanians are signing up for their turn to get jabbed, noting that the priority starts with seniors, medical personnel, teachers, security and armed forces, tourism sector workers, and hopefully every individual in Jordan will get his/her turn so we can finally be COVID free.

Note: All regulations are subject to change as per the government’s regulations. We will keep on posting all updates as they become available, and our team is always ready to answer your questions.

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