, Select.joJordan is rightfully becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in the Near East after many years of neglect, brought about by regional instabilities (which in truth Jordan was not involved in, nor was Jordan in conflict with any of its neighbours). Very few countries can boast the incredible natural and manmade heritage that our country has. Places like Petra are a testament to human ingenuity, while the Dead Sea is surreal and unmatched anywhere else in the world. Wadi Rum will make you feel small and insignificant while infusing you with spiritual magic that will linger for the rest of your life, while Jerash will immerse you in the grandeur of imperial Rome. Therefore, Jordan is the ultimate destination, but what is the best way to experience it?

Your Options:

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Nowadays, you have three clear options; either book a car and your accommodation and do it on your own, which is not for the faint-hearted, as driving here is frantic and very stressful. Moreover, you will likely miss a lot of the highlights, as there is a lot to see and do. The second option would be to book a holiday through a mass tourism outfit in your country, which means that you will be herded from site to site like sheep and have to follow a set itinerary that may not be ideal for your interests. Finally, you can book your trip through a quality local tour operator, and have the opportunity to experience all that you desire at your own pace. This last choice will give you the best of all worlds; you will have the flexibility of creating a tailor-made itinerary with the help of your travel agent, who will be a local expert, and who would know the destination like only a local can.

How to book a tailor-made tour to Jordan?

, Select.joWell, first of all, make sure you contact a quality tour operator. Nowadays it is easy to check the reputation of local tour operators, either through google reviews or by checking sites like Trip Advisor. Once you have identified a couple of quality options, this would be a good time to visit their websites to check what they have on offer by looking at their sample itineraries. You should look for a company that is specialised in tailor-made tours. These are more personalised and will take extra care when creating your dream holiday with your input. You can usually fill in a contact form on their website, where the details you insert will help a tours consultant in Jordan create a sample itinerary based on your preferences, which you can amend and customise until you get to your ideal plan. Remember, it is not always about the price, as there may be many hidden extras that might not be included in a cheap offer, and will cost much more to include once you are in the country, versus a company that is clear, and includes all these for your peace of mind.

Quality Tour Operators’Services

, Select.joOnce you book your tour, then soon the time will come to enjoy it. Quality tour operators vet their guides, drivers and staff thoroughly, and make sure you only get one of the top drivers and guides in the destination; these are usually paid higher salaries than mediocre drivers, which is why sometimes there are small differences in cost between tour operators for what might seem like an identical itinerary. The driver guides we use at Jordan Select Tours are easily the best in the country; we train our drivers and test their knowledge even before we hire them, and we only take the top performers. We only employ honest, informed and courteous staff, and we are proud to say that we set the standard for the destination. We usually receive glowing reviews from our clients, who usually appreciate all the hidden gems they had the chance to see because our staff showed them the authentic side of the country as seen by a local. This is one of the things you will definitely not be able to experience if you book your tour through a group tours organiser or on your own. You will likely ever visit Jordan only once (though we have had clients that fell in love with it and visit us almost every year) so it is always better to make sure you see it inside out through the help of a quality local tour operator.