What if we told you there is a product out there that can tackle acne, cellulite, hair loss, and arthritis? Wouldn’t it be at the top of your wish list? Ours too!

Jordan Dead Sea Mud, Select.joMud from the Dead Sea has stood the test of tune in terms of effectiveness and is still being used for a myriad of skin illnesses, bone disorders, and exfoliation treatments. Today Due to high concentrations of magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium, Dead Sea mud is rich in healing properties and is perfect for those seeking natural remedies for a change. Those suffering from psoriasis (plaques of red skin), eczema (rough and inflamed skin) and acne (we all struggle with our own version of this) can find some relief in the mud. It’s unbelievably soothing and can be applied easily all you have to do is dwelt a few minutes after application and you’ll notice a difference.

Jordan Dead Sea Mud, Select.joIt’s always a good idea to do some light maintenance every few weeks. So keep the mud handy in case an emergency exfoliation is required. The best part is that Dead Sea mud works on all types of skin. From oily and dry, to a combination of both.
Dead Sea mud can take you back in the time given that it is the ideal natural remedy for wrinkles. So skip the hundred dollar products and let some mud save the day (and your wallet). A mud mask can minimize pores, facial lines, and even recover your face’s elasticity. Try to ignore the burning sensation, because the more the mud dries, the more toxins it kills. Take a little discomfort for a fully refreshed and clean face you’ll see a dramatic difference in the tone, texture and clarity of your skin after just one application.

Jordan Dead Sea Mud, Select.joHair loss is something both men and women can relate to, whether the case is heredity stress or the wrong product. We’re all actively looking for a solution. For long-term hair care, Dead Sea mud prevents further loss by stimulating blood flow and circulation. Which brings vital nutrients and oxygen to hair follicle cells and carries away toxins to stop the fallout. Just leave the mud in your hair for 10 minutes, then rinse and apply your shampoo and conditioner.

Another pro for the Dead Sea’s miracle mud is that it can help those experiencing severe cases of cellulite. Which unfortunately is one of life’s more difficult disorders to deal with. As it does with hair follicles.
Jordan Dead Sea Mud, Select.joDead Sea mud contains minerals that promote blood circulation, which relaxes the nerves in the affected areas, fight those built-up fats and body fluids by massaging the mud in the problem area in order to cleanse toxins out through the pores. Say goodbye to those offending bumps and say hello to smoother more radiant skin.

Looking for arthritis pain relief? Mud extracted from the Dead Sea can help ease the pain of knee aches and other pangs by relaxing the body’s nerves and generally stimulating the circulatory system. The therapeutic product can also treat rheumatic conditions. sports injuries, and tendonitis, so athletes can also find comfort thanks to the mud’s high concentration of minerals.
It can tackle the ailing parts of your body after just one massage.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get muddy!